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This website was created to provide a community and source of information about replacement children. You’ll find content posted to this site from a variety of people as well as interactive forums where you can interact with others, ask questions, or provide your input to the topics being discussed. There are links to the forums on the right side of the page.

The term “replacement children” refers to the experience of individuals who are, often unconsciously, allocated to fill a void in the family left by another child who died or became incapacitated. This can also include emotional loss as well as the loss of a pregnancy. When trauma keeps parents from moving forward, the results can manifest in the lives of subsequent children, or in an older child whose life is redirected because of the loss.

This site is moderated by the authors of Replacement Children: The Unconscious Script, Rita Battat Silverman, a replacement child herself, and respected psychiatrist Abigail Brenner, M.D. Replacement Children: The Unconscious Script, an IPPY Award winner in the Psychology/Mental Health category, offers the best available research combined with compelling personal stories illustrating this underexplored syndrome.

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